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About Us

We are an innovative and environmentally friendly Washington DC-mobile based coffee company offering the best Colombian artisan coffee. Social causes matter to us and we donate 10% of our annual profits to education and rural development projects in Colombia. We also value our employees providing them with descent wages and a growing professional workplace.

Why a coffee jeep?

Photo of Me

Old Willy embraces an icon of Colombian coffee culture. Every year in the Colombian central coffee region known as "El Eje Caftero", the Yipao parade takes place! At this festival coffee farmers pay tribute to their “Iron mule”. An extract from Spanish Cuentos recalls: “After WWII the US had a surplus of Willys Jeeps and started selling them to developing nations. Therefore the term “Yip” is simply how Colombians spell in Spanish the sound of the English word “Jeep” and a “yipao” means a Jeepload, the term used to refer to whatever could be carried in a “yip” and still allowing someone to drive it.”

We invite to enjoy and appreciate this iconic symbol of Colombian coffee culture.